Jetpack for WordPress: A Review and Technical Reference

What is Jetpack?

Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that comes loaded with nifty features and tools. It’s essentially a collection of tools made by the WordPress team (Some features began as individual plugins). If you have used a blog, you may have noticed Jetpack features are included by default. For hosted WordPress sites, you can find it in the plugin directory.

What’s Included?

Jetpack comes with features referred to as modules. Modules can be configured through the Jetpack Settings page. There is a laundry list of modules that are all outlined on the official site.

This list below will grow as I add more information about each module. This serves as review and technical reference for each Jetpack module. I will cover which ones I recommend, a few pros and cons, and finally present some alternatives for each if necessary. This list will grow as I add more content.

Markdown recommended

Used for markdown formatting.
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Site Icon recommended

Adds tool to easily create favicon and apple icons.
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Adds a widget for subscribing to your WordPress mailing list.
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More to come…