Jetpack Module: Markdown

This post is part of my Jetpack for WordPress guide.

Markdown recommended

Markdown is clean, universal, and pretty. Haven’t heard of it? Check it out! The Markdown module will allow you write posts in markdown and process it into clean HTML Markup. And just as expected, you can mix your markdown with HTML, Shortcode, and inline styles. This feature doesn’t have any settings, but I recommend turning off the Visual Editor under Your Profile before using it.

Another reason I really like this plugin is that if you deactivate it, your website won’t start spewing out markdown. This is because the plugin stores a markdown copy, and a formatted copy (in the post_content_formatted column). This is also great for performance, so it doesn’t take a hit every time you load a page.

Another side note: this module includes additional Markdown features from Markdown Extra. You can read the documentation here:

+ WP-Markdown: For users who like to preview their markdown while typing.
+ Markdown on Save Improved: This is the same as the Jetpack plugin, bet it’s officially deprecated. Only use this if you’re avoiding Jetpack and need an alternative.